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How to cite the sources that you use in your work

Maps in APA

Format for a Sheet Map:

 Map Author. (Year). Title of map [format]. Edition. Scale. No. Place of publication: Publisher.


Metsker Maps. (1979). Metsker's map of Island county, Washington [map]. ca. 1:70,000. Tacoma, Washington: Metsker Maps.

Format for a Map from an Atlas/Book:

Map Author. (Year). Title of Map [format]. Scale if given. In Book Author, Book Title. (Edition) Place of Publication: Publisher. (p. page number).


Magocsi, P.R. (2003). Population movements, 1944-1948 [map]. 1:8 890 000. In P.R. Magocsi, Historical atlas of central Europe. (Rev. & ex. ed.) Seattle: University of Washington Press. (p. 53).

Format for a Map from a Journal Article:

Map Author. (Year). Title of Map [format]. Scale. In Article Author. Article Title. Journal Title, volume, page number.


Clout, H. (2006). Figure 2: France: Types of countryside [map]. In H. Clout. Rural France in the new millennium: Change and challenge. Geography, 91, 207.

Format for a Map from a Website:

Map Author. (Year). Title of map [format]. Scale. Retrieved from URL


National Park Service. (2019). Yellowstone national park: Brochure map [map]. Retrieved from

In-Text Citations for APA

If both author and date are provided, use the standard author-date style: (Lastname, year). 

  • (Magocsi, 2003)
  • (Metsker Maps, 1979)
  • (National Park Service, 2019)

If an author is unknown, then include the title and year of publication: (title, year).

Maps in MLA

Format for a Print Map/Chart:

Author. Title. Publisher, Publication date.


Literary map of Idaho. Idaho State Library, 1976.

Format for Maps contained in other works:

Lastname, First M. "Title of map." Title of container, Version, Publisher, Publication date.


Westad, Odd A. "South China Sea Conflict." Restless Empire, Basic Books, 2012. 

Format for a Map or Chart found on the web:

Author. "Title of the map or chart." Name of website, Version number if available, Name of organization (sponsor or publisher), Publication date, URL. Date accessed.

Note: Omit the publisher's name if same as the website.


"Map of the United States of America." Maps of World, 17 Sept. 2020, Accessed 3 Nov. 2020. 

Format for Functional Digital Maps:

Author. "Title of map." Name of website, Publisher, Publication date, URL.


"Map of Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States of America." Google Maps, 2020,

In-Text Citations for MLA

Provide the first item in the Works Cited entry that corresponds to the citation (e.g. author, title of map). If the map is contained in another work like a book, add the page number(s):

  • (Westad 423)
  • (Literary map of Idaho)
  • ("Map of the United States of America")