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How to cite the sources that you use in your work

Images in APA

Format for Artwork from a Museum or Museum's Website:

Artist, A. (Year of release). Title of artwork [medium]. Name of museum, City, State, Country. URL

Note: Include URL if artwork is found on the museum's website. If the title is unknown, include a description of the work within square brackets.

Lastname, F. (Year of release). [Description of work] [medium]. Name of museum, City, State, Country. URL


Bierstadt, A. (1888). The last of the buffalo, 1888 [painting]. National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, United States.

Format for Photographs:

Photographer, F. (Year of publication). Title of photograph [Photograph]. Source. URL

Note: If there is no title, briefly describe the photograph in square brackets in place of the title.


Chiba, Y. (2019). Straight voice [Photograph]. World Press Photo.

In-Text Citations for APA

Provide the artist's or photographer's last name and date of creation.

  • (Bierstadt, 1888)
  • (Chiba, 2019)

If the creator's name is included in the sentence, add only the date:

  • Bierstadt captured a scene as the population of buffalo began to decline drastically (1888).
  • Chiba's Straight voice is but just one example of protesting during that time period (2019).

Images in MLA

Format for Artwork from a Museum or Museum's Website:

Lastname, First. Title. Creation date, Version, Institution name, Location of institution. Name of website, URL


If title is unknown, include a description of the work in its place, not italicized or enclosed in quotation marks.

Add information about medium and/or materials if important to reference.

If the publisher's name is the same as the website's, then omit it.


Genzken, Isa. Rose II. 2007, Museum of Modern Art, New York. Sculpture.

Abrahamson, Mark. Cul de sac. 1994. BAM Boise Art Museum, 

Format for Images from the Web:

Lastname, First. Title of image. Year created. Website name, by Author if applicable, Publisher, Year published, URL.

Note: Omit the publisher information if the publisher is the same as the name of the website. 


Ayene, Mulugeta. Relative Mourns Flight ET 302 Crash Victim. 2019. World Press Photo, 2020,

Format for Photographs from a Personal Collection:

Creator if known. Description of photograph. Date created if known. Author's personal collection.


Mandu, Kat. Photograph of Blooming Yellow Evening Primroses. 4 Sept. 2020. Author's personal collection.

In-Text Citations for MLA

Provide the artist or photographer's last name. If discussing multiple works by the same person, include a shortened title.

  • (Genzken)
  • (Genzken, Rose II)
  • (Ayene, Relative Mourns)

When discussing the work, include the name of the work in the sentence. When making a direct reference to the artist or photographer, include their name in the sentence: 

  • Ayene's Relative Mourns captured raw human emotions during the aftermath of the plane crash.
  •  Rose II showed how intricate details can be expressed in sculptural form.