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Music Subject Guide

Guide to Music resources at Albertsons Library, Boise State University

Introduction to this Guide

This LibGuide provides access points to all kinds of different library resources that you may to use while researching, learning, and teaching music. It also contains helpful hints on where and how to find information. 

The Scholarworks Page for the Music Department has great information about faculty publications, theses and older concert programs, check it out!

Introduction to the Library Website Video

Know the tools

Here are the tools for research and a few key points:

  • Databases  organize and allow access to many types information. Most library databases contain articles from journals, magazines, and/or newspapers, although some contain video files, audio files or scores.

What's the difference between journals, magazines, and articles?

  • Journals contain articles on a particular subject - like magazines, except they're more specialized. They are written by scholars for scholars and frequently are peer-reviewed, which means that scholars/experts reviewers decided the article presents sound research and adds to the knowledge in the field.
  • Magazines contain articles which are usually shorter or less authoritative than journal articles on the same subject.
  • Articles are sort of like the papers you write for class. Journal articles differ from magazine articles in that they are longer, contain more in-depth research, and are generally written by scholars. 

What does searchable and browesable mean?

  • Searchable means you can search the articles in a database by keyword (like Google) or by Subject terms (sort of like tags in or amazon, but created by professionals/scholars in the specific field).
  • Browseable means you can look through all the issues of or articles in a specific journal title within a database - sort of like pulling a copy off the shelf to look through, but electronically.

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