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Do you have questions about the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse?

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As you complete the RCIM, you will learn that the library has some of the materials you will be assigned in your courses at Boise State.

In your University Foundations course, you are assigned to read chapters in Becoming a Learner: Realizing the Opportunity of Education. This book is available for in-library use through our Course Reserves program.

You can submit the Electronic Course Reserves Request Form to request scanned chapters from materials on Course Reserve or come to the ASK Area located on the first floor of Albertsons Library to study with this text in the library.

Introduction to the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse (RCIM)

What is the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse (RCIM)?

The Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse (RCIM) serves as an introduction to the Albertsons Library and research skills that will not only help you with your papers and projects but will also help you navigate information used in your personal life and future employment. You will view content and complete tasks in four content areas including:

  • The Albertsons Library
  • Strategies for searching
  • Learning how to use available tools to find quality sources
  • Evaluating sources

After completing the RCIM, you will receive a completion badge that you can show your instructor in order to receive credit for your work.

Getting Started

Access the RCIM at the following links:



The Spring 2023 RCIM is available starting on Tuesday Jaunary 17, 2023 at 9:00am. 

Students will be automatically enrolled in the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse Spring 2023. 

To verify that you have been successfully enrolled in the course:

  • Log into Canvas after 9:00 am on January 17th. 

  • Click on Dashboard or Courses (scroll down to select “All Courses”), and you will see Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse Spring 2023 listed there.

If you think you may not have been enrolled, first check both the Dashboard AND Courses tabs in Canvas and then email


You will need to complete 7 quizzes and 2 assignments in the RCIM. Assignments and quizzes must be retaken until you receive a passing grade, and you may attempt them as many times as it takes for you to pass.


The two final assignments are graded by Boise State University Librarians. Assignments are graded 24-48 hours after submission. Our grading schedule is 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday. Assignments submitted on Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday will be graded the following Monday (except holidays).


The final two assignments may require you to revise your responses based on feedback from Boise State University Librarians. To ensure you are notified of your grades and requests for revisions, turn on grading notifications by selecting "View Course Notifications" on the course main page and click on the toggle button under Grading in Course activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact someone at Albertsons Library about the RCIM?

  • Email Someone will respond within one (1) business day.

Q: When will the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse be available?

  • For Fall 2022, students will have access to the Microcourse beginning at 9 am on August 29th. The course ends at 5 pm on December 9th, the last day of Exam Free Week. 

Q: How many library badges are there?

  • Students complete six required course modules with quizzes and two graded assignments in order to receive the ONE "I Am A Researcher" course badge. 

Q: How long does it take to complete all six modules?

  • Approximately 3 hours. Each module takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

Q: How long will it take for my quizzes and assignments to be graded?

  • Expect a 24-48 hour turn-around time for grading. Our grading schedule is 9 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Assignments submitted on Friday evening will be graded the following Monday (except holidays). You can view your assignment grades in the Grades tab in Canvas. 

Q: What if I submit my assignment on Friday night?

  • Grading will occur the following Monday (except holidays).

Q: How can I avoid making common mistakes while earning my badge? 

  • Track your progress in the Grades and Badges tabs in the Canvas course. 

    • You must receive a minimum passing grade to progress in the course.

    • Assignments and quizzes with failing grades must be retaken until you receive a passing grade.

    • Note: A Canvas message of "submitted" only means the student submitted the assignment. It does not mean they passed.

‚ÄčQ: Will I be notified of my grades?

  • To turn on grading notifications, select “View Course Notifications” on the course main page and enable notifications by selecting the toggle button under Grading in Course Activities. 

Q: Why did I receive a zero on this assignment?

  • If you receive a zero on an assignment that is graded by a librarian, we will provide feedback in Canvas. Check Canvas again for assignment feedback. You will need to resubmit the assignment to receive the required points.

Q: I click on something and there is no content on the screen. Why?

  • Possible reasons include:

  1. You skipped required parts of the previous module, such as:
    • You still need to click on "Mark Reviewed" at the end of the previous content.
    • You need to submit a quiz/assignment first, or you need to receive the minimum score required on a quiz or assignment. 
    • You need to click on the title of the assignment for it to appear.
  2. Canvas sometimes has a 15-20 minute lag before it recognizes your work.
  3. If none of these reasons describe your situation, please email

Q: I do not understand what to do on this assignment. Can you help me?

  • Contact us through if you need clarification or guidance on course assignments. 

Q: Do I have to complete the two assignments at the end of the course?

  • Yes, these final assignments are required to earn your "I Am a Researcher" badge certificate.

Q: How will I get credit for this in my UF course?

  • Your UF professor will ask you to upload a screenshot of your completed Research and Critical Inquiry badge to award you credit for completing the Microcourse.

Q: Can I use an iPad?

  • There is a Canvas app in the Apple store that you can use on an iPad. However, we recommend that you use a desktop or laptop if you are having issues. To receive help resolving iPad errors with Canvas courses, please contact the campus Help Desk, (208) 426-4357 or

Troubleshooting Tips

Are you enrolled in the course?

Students taking UF100 or UF200 will be pre-enrolled in the course by the course opening date on Aug. 29th.

Have you accepted the invitation to join the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse Fall 2022?

You will receive an email to your Boise State University student email from Canvas with a button to accept the invitation to join the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse Fall 2022. To accept the invitation, click the "Get Started" button in the email. Canvas will take you to your course and ask you to accept the enrollment. Click the "Accept" button. You should now be able to access the course from your Canvas Dashboard.

Are you getting an 'access denied' message?

Please ensure you are logged into my.boisestate and send a screenshot of the message to

You may also contact the campus Help Desk for assistance:, (208) 426-4357, or go to and use the "Chat with us" link.

Are you getting a message saying there is no 'content to display'?

This can mean that you have jumped ahead to a later module in the course. The course must be completed in order, so return to the last section or step you completed. Make sure to click “Done” and then “Next” to continue to the next page in the sequence.

Did you take the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse in a past semester but cannot find it?

Blackboard has been discontinued from use by Boise State effective 08/31/2021. If you did not save a screenshot of your Badge certificate, you should email to ask if we have a record of you completing the course. If we don't, you will need to take the course over again in Canvas.

If you were enrolled in the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse in Canvas during a previous semester (summer 2021 or later), you may not see it on your current Canvas Dashboard. To find courses you’ve previously enrolled in, choose "Courses" in the Canvas menu. Then scroll down to click on "All Courses." You should find your semester's Microcourse in this list.

Still having issues?

  • Make sure you are using Firefox or Chrome.

  • Clear all of your browser histories, including cookies.

  • Try using the incognito or private browser functions.