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Data Science

Choosing the Right Chart


A rotating selection of eBooks related to data visualization. The linked titles go to the library catalog record for the book. To access the eBook, use the orange Access Online buttonFor more information and help with eBooks, see the eBooks guide.

Data visualization tools

Data Humanism

Explanation of data humanismI first came across this image on a Blog entry by information designer Georgia Lupi titled BRUISES - The data we don't see. It begins:

Clinical records alone hardly capture the impact the illness of a child has on a family. This is how we used music and art to understand and communicate the information that was missing.

I think this is really important work. I look forward to exploring Lupi's  ideas further.

If you're interested in the intersection of data with the personal, with the daily details of life, and with feelings as well as thoughts, you may enjoy the links below.