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Data Science

Locating datasets

When learning data science, you'll often want to locate existing datasets to use for projects. Here are some good resources to help you find data on a variety of topics. This is a list of places to locate datasets on a variety of topics. Unless otherwise noted, the data is public (i.e. it's free to use for your projects).

Resources by topic

Biological sciences
  • Shark Attack Data - A robust source for data on human/shark encounters from 1900 to present. 
Business & industry
Cartographic data & GIS
  • OpenStreetMap - Mapping tool with built-in data
  • Social Explorer - Another mapping tool with datasets, focused on social indictors. Although they sell a version of this product, there is also a robust free version.
Criminal justice
  • Fatal encounters - A national archive of people killed during interactions with the police.
Health & medicine
  • Juicy Data - The blog Information is Beautiful has compiled a number of data sets that are available for use.
  • ProPublica Data - Data and reports on criminal justice, politics, and policy topics.
  • Follow the Money - Data on campaign contributions and other conflicts of interests in the political arena.
United States 
Data repositories, & search engines
  • Google Dataset Search Engine - A lot of the data that you'll find via this search engine is proprietary, but many data-for-sale companies will give you a table or two for free.
  • Data and Story Library - This library of data and stories from Carnegie Mellon is meant for statistics instructors. Includes a search by statistical method. 
  • ICPSR - A gigantic archive of social sciences data.
  • OECD.Stat - A topical directory of statistical data.
  • Roper Center for Public Opinion - Survey data on a range of political, economic, and social topics.


Many of these resources were sources from blogger, educator, & statistician Amy Hogan