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Embedding library resources in Canvas


Adding videos to your Canvas classroom is one step easier using LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability).  Follow the directions below to add Films on Demand and Alexander Street Press videos, music, and transcripts.

Embedding videos with the LTI tool in Canvas

Films on Demand and Alexander Street Press have the LTI set up for faculty. 

Here is how to add a video.

  1. Go to the modules area where you want to add the video, music, or transcripts.
  2. Select "Add Item". 

  3. Go to the drop-down menu and select the "external tool".

  4. The external tools that we have available at this time are:
    1. Alexander Street Content (music and text)
    2. Alexander Street Press Video (videos only)
    3. Films On Demand

                    external tool
  5. Select Alexander Street Press or Films on Demand.  It comes up with a search box (example: Films on Demand). 
  6. Put in your search (example:  dogs).  It brought up all videos with dogs.    
                    Films on demand search
  7. Click on embed and choose the size of the video (small, medium, large).  
                    embed video
  8. After you choose embed, it takes you to a box that says "Add Item" at the bottom.
                    add item
  9. Select "Add Item" and it will embed the video.  
  10. If you have any questions or concerns, please see the help box to the right for contact numbers.