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Virtual Reality

How to use the Virutal Reality Headsets and games at the VR Station.

Before you begin

Starting in VR can be intimidating so to begin let's go over the different parts of a VR headset.

Our VR headset consist of a few different parts. The Headset itself has two long cords (an HDMI and USB) that must be connected into the PC.

Next are the Touch Controllers, these consist of a left and right hand controller and they both run on batteries.

Then there are the two sensors, these are connected via USB cords into the PC, these are crucial as they detect the movement of the controllers and headset. 

With all the pieces plugged in, you can begin setup. 

Getting your PC Ready

How to Setup the PC in preparation for running the Oculus Rift Headset

Before you begin make sure your computer is VR capable as not every computer can run VR. You also need to have a Meta Account. The library's headsets have the LibCompServ account as the primary account. 

Step One: Download the Oculus App from

  • At this url is all the currently available headsets, simply scroll down to the one you are setting up and hit download. (The library is currently only offering use of the Oculus Rift 1 headsets).

Step Two: Log in with the Meta Account

Step Three: You may have to update the graphics card drivers.

  • Most graphics cards have a website where you can download updates from. The Oculus App will most likely give you a web address of where you can update your computers drives
  • FIgure out which graphics card your PC has
  • Go to Device Manager
  • Select Display Adapters
  • The card underneath this is your graphics card (example: NVidia 1080 ti)
  • Go to the website that Oculus Provides and select your graphics card (example: for the NVidia 1080 ti, I select T series and then select 1080 ti)

Step Four: If the app has not already begun setup select devices and click begin setup for the headset you are using


Next we will go through the device setup.