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Video Production Suite

What is the Video Production Suite and how does it work?

Albertsons Library Video Production Suite is a new easy-to-use and exciting way to create videos. 

The studio is equipped with an HD video camera, microphone, additional editing microphone, lights, podium, movable furniture, projector and screen, 3 different backdrops (green, white & black), and 1 5K retina display iMac editing station with Adobe Premier with iMovieCamtasia, Audacity.  No prior experience is needed to operate this studio.  


What can you use the studio for?  
  • Class presentations 
  • Creation of videos for assignments.
  • Podcasts
  • Practice your oral presentations, public speaking engagements, interviewing skills, and more.
  • Record interviews

Quick Start

Reserve and Confirm Reservation for the Video Production Suite online
  • Reservations available in 1 hour blocks, up to 2 hours per day / maximum 4 hours per week
  • Reservations available up to 4 weeks in advance
  • When you make a reservation, you will get an email to confirm your reservation.  You have 30 minutes to confirm your reservation.
  • Please NO food or drink



Pick up the Key and SD card at Access Services main desk (Circulation) and proceed to the studio room ALBR 205

Record the video
  • Turn the camera on
  • Insert the SD card into the camera
  • Close the SD card slot by sliding the plastic cover door down under the "B" label
  • Once you are ready to record, use the remote control to begin recording
  • Press the "start/stop" button to record and stop (you can record and stop as many times as you want)
  • Please only use the "zoom" and "start/stop" functions on the remote
  • Remove the SD card by pushing the SD card door up and gently press the SD card in to remove it - it will spring itself out
  • Insert the SD card into the black SD card reader on the desk by the iMac
  • Choose a software program to start editing - all Adobe Creative Cloud programs will need to have an Adobe ID.  To create an Adobe ID -
  • SAVE your project!

Clean up the room and return the key,  camera remote and SD card
  • Return the furniture to original positions
  • Turn the lights off
  • Lock the Studio door
  • Return the Studio key, camera remote and SD card to Access Services 1st floor main desk


Video Production Suite Terms and Conditions of Use

To Use The VPS
  • You must be a currently enrolled student, active faculty or staff member, or have Emeritus status.
  • For key pickup, you must provide a valid Bronco ID, or your Boise State ID number accompanied by a photo ID, and current phone number.


Reservation Basic Rules and Guidelines
  • Customer must be a currently enrolled student, an active faculty, staff or emeritus with a valid Boise State email address to use this service.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged equipment is the responsibility of the customer whose name is on the reservation.
  • In order to provide the greatest flexibility, reservation time limits apply. (2 hours per day, 4 hours per week).
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the Video Production Suite.
  • Technical equipment (camera, computers, microphone) must not be moved. Furniture and props may be moved to suit your needs.
  • The room must be returned to a clean/usable condition for the next user.
  • The library is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from a failure to save your work to your personal storage.
  • The windows may not be covered or blocked for any reason.
  • This room is intended for video creation and editing only. Any other use is not permitted.
  • Please adhere to any other posted signage within the VPS.
  • Failure to observe/respect the guidelines may result in denial of future privileges.

Sound booth Room 401H

Sound Booth

You can reserve the sound booth, Library 401H.  Sound booth includes: sound baffling (not sound proofing) computer with AudacityCreative Cloud, and Camtasia a Yeti Blue microphone dual monitors Audacity After recording and manipulating the sound project, you can save the file as an mp3 by following these steps:

  1.  Click File → Export.
  2. Change type to mp3.
  3. Click save.


*To upload the file, you can attach it to an email or upload it in Google Drive, then share it with anyone via email.  


Parrot teleprompter

Parrot Teleprompter!


Get directions on how to use Parrot Teleprompter App on page 5 of the User Manual.  


Software on Multimedia Stations

There are 10 multimedia stations (5 iMacs and 5 Windows) located on the second floor.  The iMacs have Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and all 10 are equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes:

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Muse
  • Flash Professional
  • Acrobat Pro DC
  • Audition
  • Bridge
  • Edge Animate
  • Edge Code
  • Edge Inspect
  • Edge Reflow
  • Fireworks
  • Flash Builder
  • InCopy
  • Prelude
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Scout
  • SpeedGrade
  • Story Plus
  • PhoneGap Build
  • Prelude Live Logger
  • Gaming SDK
  • Extension Manager
  • ExtendScript Toolkit