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Sound Studio

Located on the first floor of the Albertsons Library, in room 104A, the Podcast Studio features four broadcast ready mics and professional software for recording and editing audio. Online reservations are available.

How to Reserve

  1. Reserve and Confirm Reservation for the Sound Studio
    • Reservations are available in 1-hour blocks, up to 5 per day
    • Reservations are available up to 4 weeks in advance
    • When you make a reservation, you will get an email to confirm your reservation. You have 30 minutes to confirm your reservation.
    • Please NO food or drink.
    • Book the Sound Studio
  2. Pick up the Key at the Access Services desk(s) and proceed to the Sound Studio - ALBR104A. 
  3. Record your project(s)
    • Refer to the Tutorials Panel for info on how and what to use.
    • Don’t forget to SAVE and EXPORT your project!
  4. Clean up the room and the key
    • Return chairs and equipment to their original position(s).
    • Turn the lights off
    • Lock the Studio door.

Terms & Conditions of Use

  1. To Use the Sound Studio
    • You must be a currently enrolled student, active faculty or staff member, or have Emeritus status.
    • For key pickup, you must provide a valid Bronco ID, or your Boise State ID number accompanied by a photo ID, and current phone number.
  2. Reservation Basic Rules and Guidelines
    • Customer(s) must be a currently enrolled student, an active faculty, staff, or emeritus with a valid Boise State email address to use this service.
    • Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment is the responsibility of the customer whose name is on the reservation.
    • In order to provide the greatest flexibility, reservation time limits apply. 
    • Food and drink are not permitted in the Sound Studio.
    • Technical equipment (computers, microphones, speakers) must not be moved. Furniture may be moved to suit your needs.
    • The room must be returned to a clean/usable condition for the next user.
    • The library is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from a failure to save your work to your personal storage.
    • The windows may not be covered or blocked for any reason.
    • This room is intended for audio creation and editing only. Any other use is not permitted.
    • Please adhere to any other posted signage within the Sound Studio.
    • Failure to observe/respect the guidelines may result in denial of future privileges.


4 SM7B SHURE® Cardioid Dynamic Microphones

  • The Podcast Pro: There's a reason many of the world's leading podcasters rely on this microphone. With its wide frequency response and impressive clarity, it just sounds like a podcast mic should.
  • The Studio Star: Rap, rock and so much more: great for recording vocals, it can also be used to capture everything from guitar tone to a snare drum and hi-hat.
  • The Noise Killer: Air suspension shock isolation, magnetic shielding, off-axis audio reject and a built-in pop filter help eliminate plosives, breathiness and unwanted noise.