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MSE 480/482

Searching for technical literature related to Materials Science and Engineering


Welcome to the MSE Senior Design subject guide.  This guide covers resources available to you for researching the technical literature.

Article Databases

Periodical Articles and Conference Papers
New developments and current research are often first presented as conference papers and/or periodical articles.  You will also find product reviews, descriptions of methodology, or information on innovations in or applications of particular processes, systems and devices.  The following are indexes, abstracts or full-text repositories which access this literature:

Biomedical Databases

Looking for industry news? Try these:

Freely Available Article Databases

This database is provided free of charge to all (it is not limited to Boise State University students, staff & faculty), though the full-text content may depend on your institutional access, and your location.


Although not an "article", dissertations usually contain extensive literature reviews which place the topic of the dissertation into a historical context and/or give the state of current research in the area.  These literature reviews are a rich source of articles and other published materials relating to the dissertation topic and related areas.

Journal Abbreviations