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Tips on searching the Idaho Code and Idaho Digest

Idaho Code & Idaho Digest

Idaho State Code

ref KFI30 .A212 (1st floor) -- The Idaho State Code lists the general laws of Idaho. It is kept up to date by pocket parts, replacement volumes, and advance annotation service pamphlets.

The Idaho Code contains the following features:

1. A two-volume General Index; each volume of the Code has an individual index;

2. Code sections annotated with cases interpreting the section, references to West Key Numbers, history of the statute, and other useful material;

3. Statutory Notes listing amendments, repeals, and additions;

4. A numerical list of bills that became law with reference to the code section where the provision is codified.

Online at  -- Keyword searching only. None of the indexes are included.


West’s Idaho Digest. 

ref KFI47.1 .I3 (1st floor) --The Idaho Digest can be used to find cases. Use the Index or the Topic/Outline method to find the appropriate subject area. Once found, the case digests list citations of statutory provisions construed. West uses the Key Number system. Always remember to check the p0ocket part for updates.

Search by;

  1. Descriptive Word Index—will give you topic and key number.
  2. Topic—Topic Headings are in the early pages in each digest. Read the topic outline and examine the “scope note,” “subjects included/excluded,” and “analysis” sections to identify the best Key Number.
  3. Case Method—look up the case citation and use the topics and key numbers associated to find more material.
  4. Use the digest’s “Words & Phrases” index to find topics and key numbers.

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Idaho State Law Library

If you need legal resources that go beyond the collection at Boise State University, the Idaho State Law Library is available.

They are located at 514 W. Jefferson St.

2nd floor

Boise, ID 83702

Phone: (208) 364-4555.