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Children's & Young Adult Literature: Start Here

Links to the best resources for your projects!

Search for Library Materials includes online videos about authors and illustrator techniques, lesson plans, curricular guides, and reading lists.

    Something About the Author

    Journal Articles, Book Reviews & Teaching Ideas

    These subscription databases link to information about children's books, reviews of the books, and the grade/interest/reading levels for the book.  Sometimes lesson plans are also included.

    Children's Literature Comprehensive Database: information about fiction and non-fiction children's literature, including age levels, book reviews, & lesson plans.


    Novelist K-8 Plus: information about fiction for primary years through adolescence, including age levels, lesson plans, & book reviews.

    Education Research Complete: articles from education magazines and journals, including lesson plans, author bios, and lengthy articles about themes in children's literature.

    Curriculum Resource Center

    Albertsons Library, 3rd floor

    The CRC is a collection of PK-12 for you to use in your coursework and student teaching.

    • Books for children's and young adults
    • Lesson plans and curricula
    • CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks
    • PK-12 Textbooks (Idaho adoption)
    • Manipulatives, kits, and posters

    Visit the CRC or start looking up materials above!

    Children's Literature for Global Connections

    NCSS Social Studies Trade Books for Young People: literature for grades K-8 that "emphasize human relations, represent a diversity of groups and are senstivie to a broad range of cultural experiences" and are "easily readable and of high literary quality" (NCSS web site)


    ReadWriteThink: Lesson plans from the International Reading Association that include "before reading," "during reading," and "after reading" stages; and ideas for assessment, links to standards, extension ideas, and a section that relates reading instruction theory to practice.

    Children's & Young Adult Literature Resources: click on "diverse reads," and select a culture to see the books listed.  The site's mission is to "to serve young readers, teachers, librarians, child caregivers, undergraduate and graduate students, university professors, writers, and literature enthusiasts of all stripes"

    Cooperative Children's Book Center: covers all grade levels and subject areas; booklists include books about family, social justice, peace, justice, and multiculturalism.


    Kids & Their Books

    WHYY I Like This Book Videos of K-12 students saying why they like a specific book.

    Find a Book by Age/Lexile

    The "Find a Book" web site created by encourages kids, teachers, and parents to search for books based on grade level/reading ability and personal interest.  

    1) Enter the Lexile level or grade level.

    2) Select an area of interest.

    3) Find recommended books in nearby libraries.