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Math Guide

Tools for finding math resources at Albertsons Library.

General Biographies

Encyclopedias and dictionaries can be great places to start when researching mathematicians.  Try these resources when beginning your search:



Web Sites on Mathematicians and Math History

Try this web site for information on contemporary mathematicians:

Looking for historical figures in mathematics, try this site:

Searching for Books on Mathematicians

Use the Library's catalog to find books on a specific mathematician.  Try a simple keyword search by entering their name:

Sophie Germain

Kurt Gödel

To narrow your results, try using quotations around the name:

"Felix Klein"

Try combining the name with the word "mathematics":

Bertrand Russell mathematics

For more search options, use the "Advanced Search" or filter your results using the checkboxes on the left side of the results page.

Finding Works by a Specific Mathematicians

Depending on when the mathematician lived, you may need to use a source which covers that period. 

Other useful Library Guides:

Careers in Mathematics

  • Careers in Applied Mathematics – a 20-page resource that details career paths outside academia for anyone majoring in applied mathematics or computational science.

  • Mathematics in Industry – a 48-page in-depth report that looks at the way mathematical sciences are used in industry today, along with assessing the skills, training and curriculum that will best prepare graduates for future mathematical careers.