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ANTH 303 History of Anthropology online

The intellectual history of anthropology.

Searching AnthroSource


AnthroSource is listed in the ARTICLES & DATABASES tab from the library website: Scroll under the "A" until you see it the link. 


You can start your keyword search, or browse a specific journal:

Screenshot of Anthrosource landing page

You can search via keyword, Boolean (AND/OR), and with quotes (to search for specific keyword order: "climate change"). Most articles will provide you with an option for HTML and PDF. When possible, choose PDF as it provides the best representation of the article as it appeared in print and can include graphs, charts, figures, and page numbers (important if you want to quote a section of the article):

Screenshot of Anthrosource database results

You can also cite an article. Please note: the citation does not format properly to reflect the Chicago Manual of Style, which was adopted by the AAA in 2015. ANTH 303 will use the author, date format for citing material, which you can find in this guide at

Screenshot of Anthrosource database of a journal article and the "Tools" option


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