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Bronco Ready Library Guide

This guide is designed to help students succeed in their first year at Boise State. It contains information about library resources & services to help students become better prepared to use the library.

Google Scholar

Setting Up BSU Full Text Access in Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be set up to provide access to some of Boise State's full text articles.

Step 1: Go to and select the Menu in the top left corner of the screen

Google Scholar home page with arrow pointing toward menu

Step 2: Click the "Settings" link at the bottom of the menu.

Google Scholar Settings menu

Step 3: Click the "Library links" link in the left-side menu

Link to find Library links in Google Scholar settings

Step 4: Use the search box to find Boise State, check the appropriate boxes, and click the "Save" button

Google Scholar library links for Boise State

Accessing Boise State Full Text in Google Scholar

Once you've set up the Boise State links, run a search in Google Scholar. You will start to see "Find It at Boise State" links to the right of appropriate search results:

Find It at Boise State links in Google Scholar

You can also get help with citing a particular result and see who else has cited a result.