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Bronco Ready Library Guide

This guide is designed to help students succeed in their first year at Boise State. It contains information about library resources & services to help students become better prepared to use the library.

High School vs. College

Your High School Library: 

  • The library may have been one room with one librarian, and maybe a few student assistants

  • The librarian had general knowledge of many subjects

  • Visiting the library was usually with your class and teacher

  •  Help was available during high school hours

  •  Opening hours were limited to the regular school hours

  •  Online resources were probably limited to a small number of general subject databases

  •  Google may have been your primary research source

  •  High school has teachers, some with master's degree and a few with doctorate degrees

High School vs. College

Your College Library, The Albertsons Library:

  • The Library is four floors, over 200,000 square feet, hosts a coffee shop, provides over 110 computers for student use, over 670,000 books, and supplies over 1,100 seats for studying and research

  • There is a team of professional librarians with faculty status, many support staff, and of student assistants

  • The opportunity to consult one-to-one with a professional librarian who has strong knowledge and subject specialization

  • Research help is available in person or online

  • During the semester the library is open 103 hours per week, and only closes a handful of days a year

  • There are over 280 online subject specific and scholarly databases, of which almost all are available via remote access

  • If the library doesn't own a book or have an article you need, Interlibrary Loan will try to get this for you from another library without charge

Expected Changes

  • Google and Wikipedia will no longer be your main ways of researching and learning
  • You must prove that you read the sources by providing correct citations - plagiarism is a serious offence in the university
  • You will be responsible for your own education -- assignments, attending class, managing studying time, and keeping up with work
  • Help may not come your way unless you ask for it
  • Library research has different expectations and can be more complicated
  • Term papers won't work with only 1 source -- you'll need a sufficient number of sources to make your point believable

How Can the Librarians Help Me?

Librarians are available to assist students with finding and using resources, both print & electronic items, in the library.

We can assist you in:

  • Using the library catalog to find print and electronic books on your topic.
  • Finding materials on the shelves.
  • Identify the best articles and books for your paper or project.
  • Finding a book or article based on a citation.
  • Determining which databases are best for researching a particular topic.
  • Assist with building successful search strategies.
  • Citing materials.
  • Explain how you can borrow materials from other libraries or get copies of journal articles not available in our electronic databases.
  • And much more.

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Meet with a Librarian Virtually!

Virtual Reference & One-on-One Research Support

We're available to meet virtually Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday from 11-2PM

To connect virtually with a Boise State University librarian scan the QR code.

Note: If you’re not in the Boise State network, you will need to log in using your Boise State or personal Google account to be granted access to this service.