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Graduate Student Success

Top 3 Tips for Graduate Students

1) You do not have to earn help!

  • You can talk to a librarian at any point in your project, even before you do a single search
  • There is no "you should know this because you are a graduate" standard - even librarians ask other librarians for research help

2) Organize your research, right from the start

  • The only wrong way to organize research is not to organize at all.  Citation managers, online project managers, physical file folders, whatever works for you is the right way
  • Since your classes will build to a culminating project, keep your research across semesters and save time later

3)  Explore all the services the university and library have to offer your first semester

  • The Writing Center, services for distance students, Office of Information Technology support - no graduate student needs to go it alone. Seek out all that the university has to offer no matter your student status or location.

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