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Here you will find basic reference print and online resources for Anthropology and related fields.


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DaVinci's "The Vitruvian Man (c.1485)"

Anthropology (Oxford English Dictionary):

 1. The study or description of human beings or human nature (generally, rather than as a distinct field of study; cf. sense 2); a theory or account of this, as held by a specific person or group.

 2b. The scientific study of the human race; the branch of science which investigates the human species as a part of the animal kingdom, including comparative anatomy and psychology of humans and their closest animal relatives, human palaeontology and ecology, theories of human evolution, and the development and variety of human populations and their societies and cultures. Also: this discipline as a subject of academic study.

You can find the general Anthropology area with the call number starting with "GN" for Anthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology, "CC" for general Archaeology, and "GR" for mythology and folklore on the second floor of the library. 

Articles, Databases

Albertsons Library provides access to over 320+ research databases and indexes via the Databases tab on the library's homepage:

We have created several subject-specific lists of databases germane to your topic. For Anthropology, the following databases cover the spectrum of anthropological research and scholarship:

  • eHRAF World Cultures (collection of ethnography)
    Cross-cultural database that contains information on all aspects of cultural and social life
  • AnthroSource
    AnthroSource is a "service that offers AAA members and subscribing libraries full-text anthropological resources, including: a digital searchable database containing the past, present and future AAA publications; more than 300,000 full-text articles from AAA journals, newsletters, bulletins and monographs in a single place; and 24/7 access to scientific research information across the field of anthropology. Full text articles available via Wiley"
  • SAGE Journals  
    Full text articles from dozens of journals in Anthropology and Archeology
  • Dissertations & Theses
    Most comprehensive collection of dissertations in the world; full text for most published since 1997
  • Ethnographic Video Online
    Provides the largest, most comprehensive resource for the study of human culture and behavior–-more than 750 hours and 1,000 films at completion

  • eHRAF Archeology
    Cross-cultural database containing information on the world's prehistory
  • Web of Science
    Access the world’s leading scholarly literature in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities and examine proceedings of international conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops, and conventions
  • Environment Complete
    This resource offers deep coverage in the areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, and affiliated areas of study. This valuable database contains millions of records from thousands of domestic and international titles dating back over 100 years
  • JSTOR: The Scholarly Journal Archive
    Use Advanced Search to locate only Anthropology journals. A review article search is available in advanced search. 

  • Project MUSE eBook collection
    Over 75,000 eBooks across the humanities and social sciences spectrum from scholarly and non-profit publishers. Unlimited usage, printing and downloading.

  • Scopus
    An index and abstracting database (similar to Web of Science) that combines a comprehensive, expertly curated abstract and citation database with enriched data and linked scholarly literature across a wide variety of disciplines.
    Scopus quickly finds relevant and authoritative research, identifies experts and provides access to reliable data, metrics and analytical tools. Be confident in progressing research, teaching or research direction and priorities — all from one database and with one subscription. (Scopus fact sheet)


Useful tutorials and how-to videos from the Human Relation Area Files (HRAF)