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Movie Reviews

A short guide to location of movie reviews

Academic Film Criticism

If you are looking for academic film criticism here are a few places to look.

1. Albertsons Library contains many books on film criticism. Search the library catalog and use MOTION PICTURE as one of your search terms. The catalog can be searched from this link:

2. The library database Communication & Mass Media Complete contains many articles on film and its relation to society and culture.

3. MLA International Bibliography : Contains academic film criticism often as it relates to literature.

4. A interdisciplinary database such as PROQUEST CENTRAL does contain academic film criticism also.

Internet Movie Database


The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a free internet database of film information. Search for the movie you are interested. Look for the external reviews link from the menu on the left. This will link out to reviews of each film available across the internet.

Search from this link:

Film Studies eBooks

Movie Review Websites

Current Movie Reviews

Consult the resources below for film reviews

Older Movie Reviews

Current Variety Film Reviews

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