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Research tips and resources for Engineering Graduate Students


Welcome to the ENGR 500 guide covering library resources that help you find information in engineering literature. This page will give you the basics to get started. Use the left navigation bar to go to directly to various topics in this guide.  at the top of this page will take you to additional content.

Start with these Article Indexes & Databases

Article Indexes & Databases are specialized resources for locating journal articles. They allow you to search for articles by keywords, subjects, authors, and many other parameters.

  • Some databases include other types of materials besides journal articles, such as:
    • Conference papers or proceedings (meetings)
    • Product reviews
    • Descriptions of methodologies or protocols
    • Information on innovations in or applications of particular processes, systems and devices
    • Product Reviews
    • Technical Reports
    • Dissertations
  • There are many different databases each covering a different area, subject matter or type of documents and each will often contain articles in different journals
  • Full-text articles are sometimes available, but finding the full-text may require additional steps (See Finding the Full Text in this guide)
  • Indexes & databases might also be called abstracts or repositories

New developments and current research are often first presented as conference papers and/or journal articles. 

Start your search in these databases:

The following are multi-disciplinary indexes, abstracts or full-text repositories which access this literature. For more focused article databases, see the Subject Pages listed in the box named Articles: Subject Pages.


For product and industry news, try:

Additional Article Databases

To access additional article databases, or to access these through the Library's main article databases page:

  • Go to the Library's home page,,
  • Click the Databases tab,
  • Click on the first letter of the article database name (B for BIOSIS) in the grouping under "Databases by Name",
  • Click on the article database name.

Working off Campus? (Remote Access)

If you are working from off-campus, log into your account before you start searching. Otherwise, when you try to use library databases, you will be prompted to log in using your BSU username and password.

Other Engineering Subject Guides

Some of the resources the Library has available are useful for all engineering disciplines, while others are more specific to one or another of the subdisciplines.  To see the recommended articles databases for a specific engineering specialty, please select from one of the guides below:

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