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eTheses & eDissertations

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Theses & Dissertations

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Literature Review Guidelines

Principles of Process (of Literature Reviews)

  1. Never pay for an article. Albertsons Library either owns it or can get it for you for free.
  2. Begin your search with library article databases.
  3. Choose good keywords; experiment with various keywords; this is 80% of your success.
  4. Once you start reading the existing literature, it will become more clear how to construct your literature review.
  5. Use a system to organize your articles. 
  6. Contact your librarian for any type of question involving any of this. Email, call, visit.

--Margie Ruppel, Liaison to College of Education, Albertsons Library

Journal Articles about Education

ERIC Database home

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC via EBSCO): Educational literature including journal articles, lesson plans, and conference papers, 1966 to the present.  Use ERIC to begin your literature review. Indexes 950 education journals.  Tip!  Combine ERIC with Education Research Complete: Click on ERIC and then "Choose Databases."

List of journals included in ERIC

Education Research Complete Database home

Education Research Complete (via EBSCO): Cover-to-cover indexing for 2.200 journals in education; late 1800's to present.  Tip!  Combine ERIC with Education Research Complete: Click on ERIC and then "Choose Databases."  

List of journals included in Education Research Complete

APA PsychINFO Database home

PsycINFO (via EBSCO): Find articles from psychology, educational psychology, behavioral science, and mental health journals, 1900s-present. Abstracts & bibliographies provided.  Tip!  For educational psychology topics, combine PsycINFO with ERIC and Education Research Complete: Click on PsycINFO, then "Choose Databases."

List of journals included in PsycINFO

ISI Web of Knowledge home

Web of Science/Web of Knowledge: Primary use is to follow a research topic or the work of a specific author. Scattered indexing, 1956-1991. Full indexing, 1992-present.  Tip!  Use the Cited Reference search to learn how often a work has been cited.

List of journals included in ISI databases

Need a specific journal?

Search for the title or ISSN of the journal you need.  The results will let you know whether Albertsons Library subscribes to it.

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Use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to get it.  It is fast and free for all BSU-affiliates.

ILL makes the world of information available to you, so use it!

MLA & APA Style Guide

Citations guide

APA examples are on the right side of each page in this guide.