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ENGL 324: Story mapping with ArcGIS Online

Accessing StoryMaps in ArcGIS Online

Use the link below to access ArcGIS Online:

- Click on the Boise State Enterprise Login button
- Log in with your credentials
- Click on the Apps menu (nine dots) in the upper right
- Click on StoryMaps icon

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the session, you should be able to

  • plan what you need create a story map
  • create a simple story map in ArcGIS Online
  • create an express map within the ArcGIS StoryMap app
  • find reusable images, maps, and videos for a story map

Task 1: Download files needed for practice story map

Download the following files:

To download a file:

  • Click on the file link
  • Right click on the file image
  • Click on Save image as …
  • Click Save

Task 2: Create practice story map

Click on the Practice Story Map link. This will open a Google document with the steps for creating the practice story map.

Task 4: Finding media from the Library of Congress

Task 5: Finding media using Google Images