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WRDS - Wharton Research Data Services


I'm experiencing technical difficulties, how can I get help?

Email the library directly via Heather Grevatt at with a description of the problem you are experiencing.  We will coordinate with our technical staff and contact our WRDS representatives if needed.

How do I [find a specific data point] / [program a query] / [set up my work space], etc.?

Due to the scope and complexity of WRDS, the library liaisons are not able to provide research assistance within the database at this time.  Please use "Support" > "Contact WRDS Support" to request research help.

I would like to access a data set Boise State does not currently subscribe to, how can I do this?

Email Heather Grevatt at with the name of the data set you are interested in.  If you are COBE faculty, you may also contact Diane Schooley-Pettis at to express your interest.

Please do not contact vendors directly as we have a WRDS representative who coordinates our access and individual vendors will not be able to provide accurate information or quotes based on our current licensing.