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Downloadable Data Sets

For this guide, data sets differ from statistics in that data sets are available for download and manipulation, while statistics are presented in tables, lists or other report forms that might be cut, pasted, and cited.

Census Data: Offers data from the decennial census, American Community Survey, and the Current Population Survey.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): Allows you to access ready-made tables or custom tables with data on wages, unions, employment, prices, etc.
Dept of Justice: Crime & Justice Online Data: Offers data on crime trends with demographic breakdowns (age, race, gender, and state) from 1960 to present.
General Social Survey (GSS) Quick Tables: Great for users who want to quickly compare how major demographic groups (black v. white, liberal v. conservative, male v. female) respond differently to survey questions. Covers 1972 to 2004
HUD: State of the Cities Data System: Offers data on metropolitan areas, central cities, and suburbs.
Metro Trends: The Urban Institute's report card and toolkit for researchers, students, journalists, elected officials and the public on the state of metropolitan economies. Here you'll find up-to-date interactive maps, expert commentaries and relevant, downloadable datasets.