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Raspberry Pi

Easy Start Instructions

The raspberry pi comes with a blank SD card. 

Get started with an operating system. 

1. Format the SD card

2. Download an image writer

3. Install an OS



Install Raspbian

How to make a Raspberry Pi Retro Arcade (with NO programming)

Check Out Raspberry Pi Kits

We check out four raspberry pi kits - the ultimate starter kit which check out for two weeks. 

Each kit contains 1 Raspberry Pi model B with clear case, 1 USB to TTL serial cable, 1 USB power supply with micro USB cable, 1 GPIO ribbon cable with breakout board, 1 breadboard, 1 HDMI cable, 1 8GB sound card, 1 wireless Wifi adapter, 65 jumper wires ; shipping box 17 x 26 x 6 cm.