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ECE 380: Product Analysis Report Resources

Tips and Resources for finding materials to complete an Engineering Product Analysis

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Design appropriate search strategies to find information relevant to your product analysis report
  • Refine your search strategy and/or finalize your product choice in response to the information you find
  • Be able to find resources to help you develop citations in IEEE style

Worksheet for In-Class Activities

You will need a copy of the

ECE 380: Library Session Worksheet 

to complete in-class tasks. This is a Google doc.  You will need to make a copy if you want to use it to take notes in the Worksheet.

Outline of In-Class Activities

Activity 1 - Prepare for a Research Database Search

In this exercise you will consider how your product works and begin developing a Theory of Operation. If you need to get some ideas by tinkering on the internet or talking with classmates, your professor, or the Librarian, feel free to do so. Then generate a few search strategies to use in searching library databases. One of these strategies will be used in Activity 2.

Activity 2 - Research Article Database Searching

New developments and current research are often first presented as conference papers and/or articles. You will also find product reviews, descriptions of methodology, or information on innovations in or applications of particular processes, systems, and devices in articles. There are 2 main databases that access this type of information, which you will be searching in this exercise:

Search these databases using one of the search strategies you generated in Activity 1, and answer the questions in Library Session Worksheet

Need Tips or a refresher on Searching Library Databases? Go to the Research Databases for Product Analysis section of this guide.

Share a Tip with your Classmates!

When you've completed the in-class activities, please share a tip with your classmates by using this link

Share a tip with your classmates 

Your tips are anonymous and will be paraphrased/compiled into a list that will be posted in the course guide.

Post-Instruction Session Survey

Now that you've completed today's in-class activity, please take a few minutes to respond to a quick, 3 question anonymous survey. I will use the results to plan and improve my instruction for future students. The results are also being collected to evaluate Albertsons Library's Instruction program overall.