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ECE 380L : Product Analysis Report Resources

Tips and Resources for finding materials to complete an Engineering Product Analysis

Product Analysis Assignment

If you haven't already, briefly review Assignment #3 the Product Analysis Report.

Worksheet for In-Class Activities

You will need a copy of the ECE 380L: Library Session Worksheet to complete in-class tasks. Below you will find links to 2 versions: One in MS Word format that you can download and use to take notes in class, the other a PDF that you print and bring to class or view during class while you make notes elsewhere.

Outline of In-Class Activities

Activity 1 - Preparation for a Research Database Search

In this exercise you will consider topics that you might cover in the Theory of Operation for your product, then generate a few search strategies to use in searching. One of these strategies will be used in Task 2

Activity 2 - Research Database Searches

New developments and current research are often first presented as conference papers and/or articles. You will also find product reviews, descriptions of methodology, or information on innovations in or applications of particular processes, systems, and devices in articles. There are 2 main databases that access this type of information, which you will be searching in this exercise.

a. Search the IEEE Explore database

Using a search strategy generated in Task 1 you will search the IEEE Xplore database

b. Search the Inspec database

Using a search strategy generated in Task 1 you will search the Inspec database

PRO TIP: Login to First to Avoid Multiple Login Requests

Many Library resources are paid for by the Library on your behalf, and come with strict licensing agreements. To use them, you will need to go through the Library's proxy server to authenticate you as a BSU affiliate. Log into before you start your research and single sign-on will take care of the authentication for you. By doing this you'll avoid repeated requests to put in your BSU user name and password to get to materials.

How to find the ECE 380L Course Guide

From the Library's Main Page ( click on the Subject Guides panel

Library's main page with Subject Guides box circled


Scroll down to the Electrical And Computer Engineering option and Click to see the available guides

Select the ECE 380L course guide

Electrical and Computer Engineering guide options listed with ECE308L circled

Need a Refresher on Finding Databases from the Library's Website?

The Library's website ( is your launch site class activities.

To find the databases for the exercises

1. Go to the Library's main page

2. Click on the Articles & Databases Panel

Library's main page with Articles and Databases panel circled

3. Scroll down till you see the Articles and Databases A to Z search box

4. Type in the name of the database you want & hit Enter

5. Click on the name of the database below the search box

Databases A to Z with Search Box and INSPEC databases noted