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ECE 380L : Product Analysis Report Resources

Tips and Resources for finding materials to complete an Engineering Product Analysis


Welcome to the ECE 380 course guide.  This guide covers resources available to you for researching information that will help you develop a Product Analysis Report.  Some tabs also give some tips for searching library databases, and resources for specific projects.


Please complete the activities below prior to the in-class Library Research Session so you will get the most out of the in-class activities.

Take the ECE 380L Library Session Pre-Survey

Please complete this anonymous, 4 question survey by Wednesday, January 25th at 5pm so the Engineering Librarian/Professor can tailor the ECE 380L library research session so it so it best helps you in your research.

ECE 380L Pre-Session Survey, Spr '23

Pre-Class Activity 1 - Library Website Refresher (1:45 mins)

Pre-Class Activity 2 : Refresher - Searching for Books (WorldCat Discovery) (2.30 mins)

Pre-Class Activity 3 : Set Up Google Scholar to show Albertsons Library's Materials

It's easy! Just follow these steps.

1. Go to Google Scholar ( and click the menu bars on the top left

Arrow pointing to Menu bars in Google Scholar


2. Choose the Settings option.

Arrow pointing to Google Scholar Settings


3. Click on the Library links option on the left.

Arrow to library links in Settings in Google Scholar


4. Search for Boise State University and select the two check boxes for:  

  • Boise State University - Find It at Boise State (to see the Find It links in Google Scholar and link to full text articles) &
  • Open WorldCat - Library Search (to link to records of books owned by the Library).

Then click the save button.

Boise State University library links setup in Google Scholar


5. Now every time you search Google Scholar, you'll see links to Find it at Boise State.

Click on the Find it at Boise State link instead of the publisher's link. Albertsons Library subscribes to (purchases) content and provides you access for free! Why pay to purchase from a publisher when Albertsons Library gets you access for free?

Arrow to the Find it @ Boise State link in Google Scholar