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ECE 380: Product Analysis Report Resources

Tips and Resources for finding materials to complete an Engineering Product Analysis

Welcome to Product Analysis Report Research!

Welcome to the ECE 380 course guide.  This guide covers resources available to you for researching information that will help you develop a Product Analysis Report.  Some tabs also give some tips for searching library databases, and resources for specific projects.


Prior to our in-class Library Research Session: complete the activities below so you will get the most out of the in-class activities.


Need help figuring out what you're looking for, coming up with a research strategy, knowing which database to search, or finding something you need?  Ask me, Tracy Bicknell-Holmes, your librarian!

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Pre-Class Activities

Pre-Class Activity 1 - Survey

Due: Friday, January 19th by 5:00pm

Please complete this anonymous, 3 question survey to help the Engineering Librarian tailor the ECE 380 in-class library research session to best meet your needs.

ECE 380 Pre-Class Survey, Spring 2024

Pre-Class Activity 3 - Find the Library Guide for ECE 380

Your librarian has created a resource guide for your class project. The ECE 380 guide is linked directly to the course through Canvas.  Log into Canvas, go to ECE 380. Find the "Library Resources" option in the left navigation bar. Look at the Library resources available - including room reservations and help via chat.  Find the link to the ECE 380 Product Analysis Report Resources guide.  Click on the link and take a look at the guide.


Example of Library Resources in a Canvas course

Activity 3 - Review the Product Analysis Report Assignment

If you haven't already, review Assignment #3 the Product Analysis Report and think about what sort of objective criteria you will use to analyze the product you've chosen and make a recommendation.

Pre-Class Activity 2 - Finding Library Databases - Refresher

Has it been awhile since you went to the Library website and found an Article Database to search?  If yes, here's a refresher:

The Library's website ( is your launch site class activities.

To find the databases for the exercises

1. Go to the Library's main page

2. Click on the Articles & Databases Panel

Library's main page with Articles and Databases panel circled

3. Scroll down till you see the Articles and Databases A to Z search box

4. Type in the name of the database you want & hit Enter

5. Click on the name of the database below the search box

Databases A to Z with Search Box and INSPEC databases noted

Results of the Pre-Survey

Have you ever completed a Product Analysis like this before?

No 81.3%, Not Sure 12.5%, Yes 6.2%

Pie Chart 81% no, 12.5% not sure, 6.3% yes

Where would you look to find "theory of operation" and "performance criteria" on your product?

  • 25% Not Sure
  • 24% Manufacturer: website, product specs, manuals
  • 12.2% Data Sheets, Part or Circuit Analysis
  • 12.2% IEEE database, Technical Articles
  • 7.3% Google Scholar
  • 4.9% Textbook, Code Book
  • 4.9% BSU lab, Manuals at BSU
  • 9.8% Other: Library, an Expert, Online Forums, Relevant National Testing Lab


PreSurvey Where Would You Look pie chart