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National History Day Subject Guide

Boolean Connectors

Use AND, OR, and NOT to connect search terms.

When you are creating a search to use in a library database, it's different than searching in the Google search engine.  You cannot type in a question or a whole sentence. In order for a library database to understand your search, you will connect your search terms using the Boolean connectors AND, OR and NOT.

Search Examples:

magna carta 

magna carta AND king john

magna carta AND (king john or england)

Find It Button in Albertsons Library Databases


You will see the FIND IT button in many of the Albertson Library's article databases.  If you do not see a link to the full text article, such as HTML or PDF full text, select the FIND IT button to possibly link to the article in another database or on a publisher's site.

Journals Search at Albertsons Library

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Resources you can access only at Boise State University's Albertsons Library

You can access these databases only at Boise State University's Albertsons Library or with a Boise State username and password:


History Databases:

Other Databases:

Note: ​If you do not have a Boise State University ID, you will not be able to access these databases off-campus. However, you can come to campus with a parent (with photo ID such as a driver's license) and obtain a login and password to use one of the four guest computers on the 1st floor of the Albertsons Library.

Resources you can access from School, Home, or Public Library

LiLI - Libraries Linking Idaho

You can access these databases anywhere.  All you have to do is enter your Idaho Zip Code and City. Some of these databases may also be available through your school's or public library's site.

Note:  If a database link does not work, follow the instructions above for going directly to the site.

Video: Quickly Search for an Article on Your Topic!