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Conducting a Literature Review for the Social Sciences

Access to SPSS

SPSS software is installed in all the lab desktop computers in the Albertsons Library.  
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See other BSU Computer labs with SPSS here.

Math Tutoring and other Refreshers

Math Tutoring Services 

Math tutoring at Boise State is FREE for all Boise State students.  

All math tutors are proficient in Math levels up through Math 175.

For other ways to get math help or self-help resources, please visit

Math Refresher Guide


Statistics Refreshers

Library Resources for Statistics

Introduction to Statistics:

Statistics in the Social Sciences:

Appraising Research Articles:
How to read a paper: Statistics for the non-statistician. Part 1
: Different types of data need different statistical tests (BMJ)
How to read a paper: Statistics for the non-statistician. Part 2
: "Significant" relations and their pitfalls (BMJ)

A few more...
The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice
: Website dealing with the foundational principles of biostatistics.
Statistics Idiots Guide!: Very basic introduction to statistics. 

Statistics Practice (20 lesson plans, pre and post-tests) via LearningExpressLibrary database (LearningExpress is also available in ID public libraries).