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What is Peer Review?

libncsu. (May 1, 2014). Peer Review in 3 Minutes [video file]. Retrieved from 

Search for Journals by Title

If you would like to browse a specific journal/magazine or need to check for access using a citation, follow the steps below:

1) From the Library Homepage, select the Journals box
Library homepage with Journals box outlines

2) To search for an entire journal, enter the journal title in the "Title" box

Journal title search window

3) You may see multiple results if journals have similar names. Select the correct title, then use the item detail to locate the right database. Be sure to note the coverage if there are multiple options; different years may be in different databases

Journal results page with database name and coverage highlighted

If we do not have the title you need, use Interlibrary Loan to request the article

Experiencing technical difficulties? Visit our Electronic Resources guide for help troubleshooting article and database access