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American Sign Language (ASL)

Articles, databases, books, and web resources related to the teaching, learning, and understanding of American Sign Language studies.

Boise State University resources

Educational Access Center (EAC)

The Educational Access Center empowers students to accomplish their educational goals by advancing access and facilitating independence. Find out more about the Educational Access Center by visiting or by calling (208) 426-1583.

Department of World Languages

Courses and resources available, including the World Languages Resource Center (WLRC), which provides interactive lab equipment to assist students in their language studies. 

Idaho Resources

Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Resource for issues pertaining to deafness, hearing loss, advocacy, accessibility, education, and technology.  Our goal is to provide timely information that empowers the deaf and hard-of-hearing community to make informed decisions regarding their quality of life.  

Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind
This site is intended to be a resource for working educational interpreters and substitute interpreters, teachers, administrators, parents, students and anyone else interested in information related to educational interpreters.

Providing Effective Communication With Your Customers [PDF]. Resource guide published by the Northwest ADA Center-Idaho. This publication focuses on the requirement under the ADA to provide effective communication for individuals with disabilities to participate in government programs and services.

ASL tools

  • ASL Sign Language Dictionary
    This ASL dictionary has over 5,600 ASL words (and growing) including variations plus extra counts of ASL phrases, stories, and more. These words are signed accurately and naturally by the fluent ASL natives.
  • DeafVerse
    Created by the National Deaf Center, Deafverse "is a choose-your-own adventure game," designed to provide deaf teenagers with ideas and tools to help them navigate obstacles they may face in real life.
  • Fingerspelling tool
    Interactive site that provides fingerspelling practice.
  • Signing Savvy
    The web site offers free (ad-supported) access to basic sign video features and paid access to premium member features.

General resources

These are but a few of the many great resources available on the web. If you have favorite websites or suggestions for content by all means let me know!

  • American Sign Language Teachers Association
    Provides ASL professionals with information on deaf culture, instructional methods, materials and evaluation techniques.
  • American Sign Language University
    Comprehensive list of resources for ASL teachers and students.
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for 145,000 members and affiliates who are audiologists, speech-language pathologists and speech, language, and hearing scientists.
  • Deaf Resource Library
    An online collection of reference material and links intended to educate and inform people about Deaf cultures in Japan and the United States; as well as deaf and hard of hearing related topics.
  • Gallaudet University's Department of ASL and Deaf Studies
    Dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, challenging, and productive ASL and Deaf Studies curriculum anywhere in the world. Expert faculty will guide students to explore the complexities of Deaf communities and their signed languages through interdisciplinary approaches.
  • National Association of the Deaf
    The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is the nation's premier civil rights organization of, by and for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America.
  • National Deaf Center
    As deaf people leave high school and prepare for college or careers, the National Deaf Center wants them to succeed. Our research shows that deaf people are not completing college degrees, getting jobs, or earning as much as hearing people.
  • National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
    The NIDCD Information Clearinghouse is a service provided by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders (NIDCD). It is staffed by information specialists who can provide information related to hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech, and language.
  • National Technical Institute for the Deaf Index (NTID)
    This index was created to help locate articles, papers, publications, and information on Interpreting, Interpreting Issues, Sign Language, Deaf Studies, Deaf History, and other related materials.
  • Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
    RID is a national membership organization representing the professionals who facilitate communication between people who are deaf or hard of hearing and people who hear. Interpreters serve as professional communicators in a vast array of settings such as: churches, schools, courtrooms, hospitals and theaters, as well as on political grandstands and television.
  • Sign Writing Site
    Sign Writing is a writing system which uses visual symbols to represent the handshapes, movements, and facial expressions of signed languages. It is an "alphabet" - a list of symbols used to write any signed language in the world.