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Kinesiology 201

Resources for students to use for the Kinesiology 101 project on the history of Boise State University athletics.

Boise State University Section

The resources on this page can help with the Kinesiology 201 group assignment that deals with the history of physical education, athletics and recreation on the Boise State University campus over the decades. Many of the resources for the history of physical education, athletics and recreation at Boise State University are available through the Special Collections and Archives area in the Albertsons Library See for instructions on Using the Collections or contact if you have questions.

Boise State University History

Boise Junior College was founded in 1932. 

In 1965 the institution became a four year college and was renamed Boise College.

Boise College became Boise State College in 1969 when it became part of the state system of higher education.

In 1974 Governor Cecil Andrus signed a bill that changed the name of the instutition to Boise State University. 

Annual Publications

Annual publications can give you information on the history of Boise State University


Newspaper Articles

eBooks on the History of Boise State University