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Bio 413/513 Symbiosis

A guide to library resources for the course Symbiosis with Dr. Merlin White

Brainstorming Keywords

Narrower Terms (NT)

Sometimes your keywords are too broad, and you find too much material. For books and articles on sybmiosis, sometimes symbiosis is too broad of a search term. You'll need to narrow it to the organism and the relationship:

  • Fungi bacteria relationships

  • Mycorrhizae

  • Host parasite relationships


Or even more specific by including the organisms names:

  • Clownfish sea anemone

  • Flatworm green algae

  • Cattle egrets and buffalo


Broader Terms (BT)

If you are not finding any results, your search could be too narrow. For books and articles relating to a specific species, you may want to try searching just that species alone, or you may want to broaden it to the genus.You may need to narrow or broaden, too, depending on the format you are looking for.

  • Reef instead of Great Barrier Reef

  • Mutualism instead of clownfish sea anemone relationship


Related Terms (RT)

Sometimes you can find information by using related searches, like mutualism, instead of symbiosis:

  • Phoresy

  • Commensalism

  • Mutualism

  • Parasitism

  • Epibiosis