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Resources & tips for Biochemistry Research

What are Citation Managers & Why Should I Use One?

When collecting a large number of research sources many scholars use a tool ("citation manager") that helps keep research well organized, provides a way to keep notes and quotation marks handy, and makes citing the sources within a paper or project easier. BSU Library recommends that you use one of 3 open access citation managers:

Where to get help

As you begin to use Citation Managers, you may find you have questions or need some help.  Contact your Librarian! You can find my contact info on the Start Here part of this guide in the left navigation bar.  Or you may find one of the following guides helpful:

Citation Styles and Resources / Getting Help with Citations

There are a lot of resources out there that will help you with citation styles and formatting references. Here are a few that you can use:

  • Contact your Librarian!  You can find my contact info on the Start Here page of this guide in the left navigation bar
  • If you're using a professional association style guide that is unique to that association, try going to that association's website, or do an internet search with the name of the professional association with "style" and "guide".  For example: IEEE style guide or American Chemical Society style guide
  • Many of the Library's subject guides will link to specialized citation resources for a discipline. Check to see if your guide has one

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