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CS 498

Find resources that identify technical articles in computer science.


Welcome to the CS 498 page covering library resources that help you find information related to computer science.  Besides the content on this page, which covers article databases, notice the tabs at the top of this page will take you to additional content.  Links to key Library resources are listed in the box below this.

Article Databases

Periodical Articles and Conference Papers
Article databases are specialized resources for locating journal articles.  They allow you to search the published literature for articles by keywords, subjects, authors and other parameters.  Some databases include other types of materials besides journal articles, such as papers from conference proceedings (meetings) and dissertations.  There are many different article databases; each has a different scope and therefore will contain descriptions to articles in different journals. 

New developments and current research are often first presented as conference papers and/or periodical articles.  You may also find literature reviews which can be particularly helpful in finding past research on a specific topic. 

Top three recommended databases:

Additional article databases:

CCS: ACM's Computing Classification System

Additional Article Databases

To access additional article databases, or to access these through the Library's main article databases page: