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CS 498

Find resources that identify technical articles in computer science.

Finding Full-text of Articles

If you are searching a repository, the full text of the article is generally available.  However, for indexes and abstracts, you may need to take some further steps in order to obtain the full-text article.  The three boxes below describe:

  • Using the Find It button within an article database,
  • Using the Journal Titles database, and
  • Tips on finding conference papers. 

The Interlibrary Loan box describes what to do if the article is not available in the Boise State University Albertsons Library collection.

The What about using Google Scholar? box gives tips on finding full text articles using that database.

What about using Google Scholar?

For most articles and papers, you can find an entry in Google Scholar

Search tip: putting quotes around a string of text makes the search more precise.

Example: "preventing the wormhole attack in wireless ad hoc networks" 

Settings tip: To see the Find It link in your Google Scholar results, follow this path:

Google Scholar Settings | Library links | Search for Boise State, then select Boise State University - Find It at Boise State | Save.

View screenshots: How do I set up Google Scholar...

Note: Access to full text from the publisher of the article depends on if 1) the item is an open-access article (then anyone can access it), or 2) the item is available through the Boise State Albertsons's Library (then Boise State students, faculty and staff can access it).

Finding Conference Papers

For various reasons, papers from conference proceedings or meetings are not always handled well with the Find it button.  Another difficulty, is that the conference might be listed in either the Journal Titles database OR WorldCat Local.  Search both sources for the conference name.  If it is an ACM Conference Proceedings, search ACM Digital Library directly;  if it is an IEEE Conference Proceeding, search IEEE Xplore. 

If you do not locate the conference that you are looking for by using these search tools, request the paper through Interlibrary Loan.  See the information in the top left box.

Find...Journal Titles

You can look up an article by looking up the journal in which it is published in the Journal Titles database.  If you have a citation like this:

POOVENDRAN, R. AND LAZOS, L.  2007. A graph theoretic framework for preventing the wormhole attack in wireless ad hoc networks. Wireless Networks, 13, 1, 27-59.

Enter: Wireless Networks in the box above. 

This is especially useful if you are looking up an article listed in an article bibliography, an article in the ACM Digital Library that is not full text, or an article mentioned by your professor.  Note that the default is to search the words entered as the "title begins with".  A drop-down menu allows you to change this option, if needed.  After a search, the results display with the journal title(s) and access options, including print and online.

  • If it is available online, there will be dates followed by a vendor or publisher database name or names.  The "database name" is a link to the journal webpage within the database.
  • If it is available physically in the Library, there will be the words "in print collection".  "Print collection" is a link to the Library catalog record describing the location and time periods of the physical copy.