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Foundations of Health Promotion & Prevention (HEP 240)

A guide containing relevant resources and materials for Health Promotion.

Reference Resources Available at Albertsons Library

The following books are located in the reference section of the library and are useful for providing brief, introductory information on a given topic

Health Sciences Studies 

  • Dictionary of American Medical Biography
    Biographical sketches of more than 1,000 persons (nurses, educators, hospital administrators, biochemists, and doctors) who have significantly influenced health care in the U.S.
  • Dictionary of American Nursing Biography
    Biographical sketches of American Nurses.

    RT34.D53 1988
  • Encyclopedia of Bioethics
    This five volume set attempts to provide an overview of the basic concepts and principles of bioethics with historical and contemporary perspective.
    QH332.E52 2004
  • Exploring Health Care Careers
    This very readable book focuses on 100 health-related jobs, including education, salaries, outlook statistics, organizational contacts, where to find more information, plus interviews with those currently working in various specialties in the health field.
    R690.E97 2006
  • Gray’s Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Medicine and Surgery
    This classic text offers illustrations which are not only descriptive, and applied, but pertain to the whole of human morphology and scientific endeavor.

    Online QM23.2 .D73 2010eb
  • Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy: The Matrix Method
    Provides information for searching online databases, including a procedure to review and organize health sciences’ literature with specifics on assigning topics in abstracting articles in order to create and use those assignations for tailored literature reviews.
    R118.6.G37 1999
  • Medical and Health Information Directory
    This three volume one-stop source to organizations, agencies, institutions, programs, publications, services, and other resources concerned with clinical medicine, basic biomedical sciences, and the technological and socioeconomic aspects of health care.
    R118.4.U6 M43
  • Melloni’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary
    Designed especially for the health sciences’ student, this resource provides definitions for over 25,000 health science terms, with 2,500 illustrations
    R121.D76 2002
  • Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health
    This dictionary, offering tabs for quick and easy reference, provides a current and authoritative guide to health care terms to increase understanding between health care providers in different disciplines.
    ref R121.M65 2005

Environmental Health  

  • A Dictionary of Environmental Economics, Science, and Policy
    For beginning students with little knowledge in the subject area, this source defines over 3,000 words used in environmental, ecological, and resource economics; and offers primers on environmental economics, international problems, and environmental systems, dynamics, and modeling.
    HC79.E5 G685 2001
  • Encyclopedia of Environmental Science
    Written specifically for students, information in this reference is both technical and easy to understand; major discussions include wetlands, water, energy, environmental law, agriculture, the atmosphere, and others.
    GE10.M66 2000
  • Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies
    With an issue-based approach, over 4,000 environmental and related terms are presented; entries run the spectrum from environmental ethics, the environmental agencies, and pest control to population trends, and water power and the environmental movement.
    QH540.4.A84 2001

  • Encyclopedia of Public Health
    With over a thousand essays geared to the general public covering a wide range of international public health concerns, this set includes such varied topics as vaccination policy, water fluoridation, population control, genetic diseases, and homelessness.
    Online RA423 .E532eb


  • A Dictionary of the History of Medicine
    For professionals, students, and laypersons interested in health care, this resource is a one stop reference for specific information on virtually any topic in the history of medicine.
    R121.S398 1999
  • Encyclopedia of Women’s Health Issues
    With more than 200 unbiased entries about abortion, depression, migraine, rape and sexual assault, and women in prison, to name a few; the source identifies the social, political, and economic issues that typically affect women’s very unique health concerns.
    RA778.G39 2002
  • American Medical Association Family Medical Guide
    More than a thousand pages of medical information. This layperson’s guide to health is offered by the guiding authority of medicine in the U.S. 

    RC81.A543  2004/eBook version available in Consumer Health Complete

Health Information Management

  • Code of Medical Ethics
    Current opinions with annotations: including the principles of medical ethics, fundamental elements of the patient-physician relationship and rules of the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.
    ref R725.3.A44 2010/2011
  • Dictionary of Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations
    Published by the American Health Information Management Association, and used by health information managers, faculty and students in health information management programs, and by other health care professionals, this compilation offers consistent definitions for those managing health care facilities and compiling health care statistics.
    R123.J24 2005
  • Medical Terminology for Health Professions
    This user-friendly book emphasizes the mastery of medical and related word parts and their usage; clear, concise explanations with easy-to-understand language and countless illustrations and photos, plus pronunciation keys are provided.
     R123.E47 2005

Pre-professional Programs

  • American Medical Association Manual of Style
    A guide for authors and editors of JAMA and AMA journal articles but also for the readers of such articles in order to understand the standards, conventions, and the language of medicine of which all professionals are expected to be fluent. 
    R119.A533 1st floor Mini-Ref

  • Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment (CMDT
    A single source reference for medical practitioners and health students, this book offers citations to current medical advances, an annual update of HIV infection, disease prevention, emerging infectious diseases, and detailed information about primary care topics in all specialties.
    ref RC71.A14
  • ICD-9-CM: International Classification of Diseases
    Based on the World Health Organization's ninth revision, the ICD is the official system of assigned codes to diagnoses and procedures associated with medical and hospital utilization in the United States.
    ref RB115.I343 2005
  • Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
    Standard source for the diagnosis and treatment of all human diseases and disorders.
    ref RC55.M4 2018
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
    This four volume resource contains more than 750 articles including therapies, diseases and conditions, and herbs and remedies and provides more comprehensive information than standard family medical guides.  Online:

    Online R733 .G34 2014eb
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
    More approachable than highly technical professional materials, this complete reference offers full articles about disorders and conditions, tests and procedures, and treatments and therapies; biographies and common drugs are also discussed.

    Online RC41 .G35 2011eb