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Getting Started with Accounting Databases


  • Register a unique, Bloomberg Tax and Accounting username and password.  Use your Boise State email address when you register
  • Registration is good for one semester (January through June and July through December). You may need to submit a new registration form each term
  • There is a 24-48 hour registration approval waiting period
  • Once you are registered, you can sign in using the Bloomberg BNA Tax and Accounting link under "Articles and Databases" on the Library homepage

If you have any issues registering or logging in, contact the Bloomberg Help Desk at (833) 697-9559

Getting Started

The 16 minute video below will guide you through the basic functionality of Bloomberg BNA Tax and Accounting. Due to recent updates, there may be some small differences in the style or location of content, but all of the functionality remains the same. The library may not subscribe to all materials seen in the video. If you need to confirm the availability of a material or tool, contact the library for help.


  • Select the CCH AnswerConnect link from "Articles and Databases" on the Library homepage
  • Select the "Subscribers: Log in Here" button in the upper right

login box

  • If you are using CCH for the first time, select "Create a User ID."  Use your Boise State email when you register.
  • If you have already registered, use this page to login


Getting Started

The 3 minute video below introduces the CCH AnswerConnect Home Page.  Due to recent updates, the style and location of some elements may be slightly different, however the functionality is the same.  Albertsons Library does not subscribe to International content in AnswerConnect.


The 3 minute video below provides an overview of the AnswerConnect search bar and 360 degree view.


  • Select the Checkpoint link from "Articles and Databases" on the Library homepage
  • Sign in using your my.BoiseState username and password and Duo
  • If you receive a 404 error, try logging in using a private or incognito window.  Success in a private window means that you need to clear your browsers cache/cookies going forward

Getting Started

This 7 minute video provides an overview of content and searching in Checkpoint.


  • Select the Tax Notes link from "Articles and Databases" on the Library homepage
  • On the Tax Notes landing page, select "Sign In" under the Tax Notes logo.

Tax notes sign in button

  • Tax Notes requires unique registration.  If this is your first time using Tax Notes, enter your Boise State email address.  Registration options should automatically appear.  If have already registered, enter your unique username and password.
  • Tax Notes has a limited number of "seats" with priority for faculty and graduate students.  Check with your faculty before registering!  Students that are not enrolled in courses that require Tax Notes may have their accounts deactivated without notice.

Getting Started

The 5 minute video below provides an overview of Tax Notes features and searching

Legal Resources

Company and Industry Information

Finance Resources