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PHYS 499 : Library Resources Guide

Resources & Tips for Physics Research for Seniors & Juniors

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the library session, you should be able to

  • Differentiate between databases to determine which are most relevant for your information needs and be able to navigate within them
  • Import citations from different databases into a Citation Manager (EndNote or Zotero)
  • Organize citations within a Citation Manager
  • Create a bibliography in American Institute of Physics citation style using a Citation Manager

Worksheet For In-Class Activities

You will need a copy of the PHYS 499 Library Session - Worksheet (Google Doc) to complete in-class tasks. There are two versions of the handout below. Choose either the EndNote or Zotero version depending on whichever citation manager you will be working using:

  • If you would like to take notes within a copy of the Worksheet, make a copy for yourself
  • If you prefer to simply use the Worksheet to guide your work in-class, simply link to the document


EndNote version - PHYS 499 Library Session - Worksheet

Zotero version - PHYS 499 Library Session - Worksheet

In-class activity: Task 1 - Database Investigation (15 mins)

In this task you and one or more fellow students will investigate one of the following databases, then share your insights with the class.

  1. You will need go to the Library's website ( and find one of the 4 following databases to search. If you need a refresher on how to find the databases see the instructions below:
    1. Web of Science
    2. Inspec
    3. Google Scholar
    4. PubMed
  2. Use the following search in your investigation: nanoparticle* AND cancer
  3. Follow the instructions on the PHYS 499 Worksheet, recording your observations as you work
  4. Finish Task 1 by Sharing a tip about using this database with future PHYS 499 students

In-class activity: Task 2 - Exporting Database Citations & Importing Them into EndNote

In this exercise, you will do the tasks by yourself. You will learn how to export citations into from the Web of Science (WOS) and Inspec databases, and how to import  the citations into an EndNote folder group.


EndNote Online Access Tips

  • For this exercise, you will need to have an account in EndNote
    • If you have not yet "Registered" for EndNote, follow the instructions on the Welcome page of this guide under "Pre-Class Activities" by registering through the Web of Science (WOS) database
    • Registering through the WOS gives you access to more citation styles and capabilities than if you register by going directly to EndNote
  • Once you have an EndNote account, you may experience fewer problems with EndNote if you log in directly via EndNote (, rather than logging into WOS first
  • Accessing From Off campus? If you first log into, you will be prompted to authenticate with your Bronco ID and Password and you won't be prompted to login as often when you search Library databases

Need a Refresher on Finding Databases from the Library's Website?

The Library's website ( is your launch site class activities.

To find the databases for the exercises

1. Go to the Library's main page

2. Click on the Articles & Databases Panel

Library's main page with Articles and Databases panel circled

3. Scroll down till you see the Articles and Databases A to Z search box

4. Type in the name of the database you want & hit Enter

5. Click on the name of the database below the search box

Databases A to Z with Search Box and INSPEC databases noted