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PHYS 499

Resources & Tips for Physics Research for Seniors & Juniors

Free Microsoft Office Software for Students

Eligible Boise State students, faculty and staff can download Microsoft Office software for free through the Student Advantage Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus program for use on personal computers.

Worksheet For In-Class Activities

You will need a copy of the PHYS 499 Library Session - Worksheet to complete in-class tasks. Below you will find links to 2 versions: One in MS Word format that you can download and use to take notes in class, the other a PDF that you print and bring to class or view during class while you make notes elsewhere.

What is Endnote and Why Should I Use It?

What is EndNote and Why Should I Use It?

EndNote Online is citation management software that allows you to:

  • Maintain a "personal library" of references and citations
  • Import citation information from the Library's Catalog, online indexes and databases, and Google Scholar
  • If you use Microsoft Word, you can insert citations from your personal EndNote library directly into your documents (Cite While You Write) and easily create bibliographies

Once you have registered, set up EndNote Online, and become familiar with how it works, it can save you a lot of time and headache citing resources when you're writing, and creating a bibliography of sources or references in you papers.

There are several different free online citation managers. EndNote Online gives you the greatest variety of citation styles to choose from.

Register for EndNote Online

Step 1 : Register for Web of Science (WOS) (Already registered? Skip to Step 2)

EndNote Online is produced by the same vendor that creates and maintains WOS. Registering for EndNote Online from within WOS gives you access to more citation styles than registering for an EndNote Web account directly from the EndNote webpage.

If you haven't already registered (created an account) for WOS, you'll need to do so. Registering allows you to save searches and create alerts in WOS, and sign up for EndNote Online.

1. Go to the Library's Main Page ( click the Articles & Databases panel

2. Scroll down to Articles and Databases A to Z, and search for Web of Science

3. Click the link for the Web of Science database

NOTE:  If off-campus, you will need to authenticate using your username and password before you can get into WOS

4. Have an WOS account? Sign in.  If not Register to use WOS - upper right corner

Web of Science Register Icon circled


STEP 2 - Create an EndNote Online Account

1. Click the Products icon in the upper right corner of WOS

Web of Science Products menu circled

2. Select EndNote from the menu

Web of Science Products menu with EndNote circled

3. Click the Register Button

4. Follow the instructions to create your free EndNote account

Use any email address you like, it needn't be your Boise State email address

Pre-session Assignment 2: Video

Watch this 7 minute video on EndNote Basic

Pre-session Assignment 3: Download the Cite While You Write Plugin

After creating an account in EndNote Basic, you can download the Cite While You Write plug-in so you can access EndNote from within Microsoft Word to insert citations into your Word documents as you write.

To download the Cite While You Write plug-in following these steps:

  1. Go to and sign into your account if you aren't already signed in
  2. Click on the Format 
  3. Click on Cite While You Write™ Plug-In.
  4. Click the Download Windows or Download Macintosh link as appropriate.
  5. Follow the prompts

Pre-session Assignment 4: Set Up Google Scholar

It's easy! Just follow these steps.

1. Go to Google Scholar ( and click the menu bars on the top left

Arrow pointing to Menu bars in Google Scholar


2. Choose the Settings option.

Arrow pointing to Google Scholar Settings


3. Click on the Library links option on the left.

Arrow to library links in Settings in Google Scholar


4. Search for Boise State University and select the two check boxes for:  

  • Boise State University - Find It at Boise State (to see the Find It links in Google Scholar and link to full text articles) &
  • Open WorldCat - Library Search (to link to records of books owned by the Library).

Then click the save button.


Boise State University library links setup in Google Scholar


5. Now every time you search Google Scholar, you'll see links to Find it at Boise State.

Click on the Find it at Boise State link instead of the publisher's link. Albertsons Library subscribes to (purchases) content and provides you access for free! Why pay to purchase from a publisher when Albertsons Library gets you access for free?


Arrow to the Find it @ Boise State link in Google Scholar