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MUS 503

What is Oxford Music Online

Tips and Tricks

  • Search for Composers by Last Name, First Name (Price, Florence)
  • Limiters are on the Left Hand Side of the page. They are fairly unique to this Database and quite powerful. Pay particular attention to limiters by:
    • Years
    • Stylistic periods
    • Works list
    • Bibliography
  • Modify your Search using the Add Search Terms Feature.
    • For Instance, you can search within the Instrument Group "Aerophones" for Ellington by adding that Search term in the Term box under the header Modify Search.
  • Works List:
    • Breaks down works by Genre and Date. 
    • Contains Instrumentation
    • If a collected works exists, contains page numbers for where to locate an individual work in the Collected Works.

Search in Oxford Music Online

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Oxford Music Online