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MSE 280 - Introduction to Materials Characterization

Resources for MSE280 class assignments and projects

Do this While You Wait - 2 Pre-Class Activities

While you're waiting for the in-class Library Session to begin:

Activity 1 - Completed this brief 3 question MSE 280 Pre-Class Survey

MSE280 Pre-Class Survey



Activity 2 - find the MSE 280 Library Resource Guide

  1. Pull out your laptop or mobile device
  2. Log into Canvas
  3. Go to the MSE 280 Course
  4. Find and click the "Library Resources" menu option (left navigation bar)
  5. Take a look at the resources available
  6. Find the MSE 280 resources page (link at the top of the page) and Click

We will be using this page for today's presentation

Post-Instruction Session Survey

Now that you've completed today's in-class activity, please take a few minutes to respond to a quick, 3 question anonymous survey. I will use the results to plan and improve my instruction for future students. The results are also being collected to evaluate Albertsons Library's Instruction program overall.