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Civil Engineering - Graduate Student Resources

Resources & tips for Graduate Student research in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Article Databases

New developments and current research often appear first as conference papers and/or journals articles. You can find these in Article Indexes and Databases. You will also find product reviews, descriptions of methodology, or information on innovations in or applications of particular processes, systems and devices.

Each database has a different scope - it will cover different subjects and therefore will contain descriptions to articles in different journals.

General Science Databases

If you're not finding what you need in discipline related or specialized database, try one of these multidisciplinary science databases:

Find Other Databases to Search

From the Library's Main page (

Step 1 - Click the Indexes and Databases Panel

Library's main page with Indexes and Databases panel circled


Step 2 - Scroll down to the Databases A to Z List

Library's Databases A-Z Search Box


Step 3 - Search a broad subject (e.g. Chemistry) or part of a database name

Step 4 - Database options will appear below the search box

Transportation, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Databases

Transportation Databases

If you're looking for transportation or traffic related articles, there are too great databases to try:

NU Search - Northwestern University Transportation Library Search: One of the largest transportation information centers in the world, Covers all aspects of traffic and transportation, all modalities, including: air, rail, highway, pipeline, water, urban transport and logistics. Significant collection on law enforcement, police management and traffic enforcement. Previously called TranWeb

  • Environmental Impact Statements: One of the most complete collections in the U.S. in the country

NUSearch page with down arrow selected showing Environmental Impact Statement search option


Transport Research International Documentation (TRID) Online: Covers all modes of transportation across disciplines. Material covered includes technical reports, magazine and journal articles, conference papers, and books. Collaboratively produced by the U.S. Transportation Research Board's (TRB) Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) and the OECD’s Joint Transport Research Centre’s International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) Database

Environmental Engineering - Databases

If you're looking for articles related to Environmental Engineering, try looking here:

Geotechnical Engineering - Databases

Looking for articles on topics related to Geotechnical Engineering?  Try these databases:

Who Cited this Article?

Many databases will show you who cited a particular article. Depending on the database you search, these citations might be from  articles, technical reports, dissertations, or other types of documents. Here are some options in broad general databases that might help.


Why are the Number of Citations Different?

You may find that the numbers of articles that cited an original article are different in each database you search.  Databases that have a "cited by" feature are retrieving the information from the content within their own database or a range of databases by that vendor, so their sources of information will differ.

Google Scholar will usually have more articles listed under their "cited by" because the database searches across the Internet

Using Google's Advanced Search

Google Scholar Advanced Search can help you structure your search around the keywords you generated for your topic, and give you ideas of how to focus your search. To get to the Advanced Search feature:

1. Go to Google Scholar ( and click the menu bars on the top left

Google Scholar with arrow to pointing to menu bars


2. Choose Advanced Search

Google Scholar Menu with Advanced Search circled

The structure of Google Scholar's Advanced Search template allows you to easily structure your search around your keywords, return articles authored by a particular person, published in a specific journal, or published between specified dates.


Google Scholar Advanced Search template