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The International Code Council (ICC) Building Codes

The International Code Council (ICC) publishes tools to help building industry professionals ensure safety in the built environment. The Library purchases many of these codes. Some years include commentary along with the code. The call numbers for code and commentary are slightly different than for the code of each resource.

You can find Building Codes that are in Albertsons Library's collection by searching WorldCat Discovery by the code or the organization that publishes the Code.

Below are examples of the ICC International Code and Commentary volumes in the Library's collection. In each case, the most recent edition is in the Reference Collection on the 1st floor, while older editions are on the 3rd or 4th floor based on their call numbers.

  • Building Code, Call Number: K3538.A15 I52
  • Residential Code (1 &2 Family Dwellings)Call Number: K3538.A15 I5872
  • Fire CodeCall Number: K3674 .I582
  • Plumbing CodeCall Number: K3542 .I582
  • Mechanical CodeCall Number: KF5708 .I552
  • Fuel Gas CodeCall Number: K3542 .I5732
  • Energy Conservation CodeCall Number: TH151 .I643
  • Property Maintenance CodeCall Number: KF5701.A15 I5852
  • Existing Building CodeCall Number: TH420 .I5732
  • Green Construction Code, Call Number: TH880 .I595
  • Swimming Pool and Spa CodeCall Number: K3538.A15 I585