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NIST Standard Reference Data (SRD)

By the U.S, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the SRD provides information on the physical properties of substances, through a series of open access databases such as Thermochemical Tables, Photoelectron Spectroscopy database, Stability Constants of Metal Complexes, Ceramics, etc.

SRD means data that is–

(A) either–

  1. quantitative information related to a measurable physical, or chemical, or biological property of a substance or system of substances of known composition and structure;
  2. measurable characteristics of a physical artifact or artifacts;
  3. engineering properties or performance characteristics of a system; or
  4. one or more digital data objects that serve–
    1. to calibrate or characterize the performance of a detection or measurement system; or
    2. to interpolate or extrapolate, or both, data described in 1-3; and

(B) that is critically evaluated as to its reliability under section 290b of the 1968 Standard Reference Data Act