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CHEM 500: Research Methods

Research tips & Resources for Chemistry Graduate Students

American Chemical Society Style Quick Guide

In the ACS Style Quick Guide you will find examples of how to cite:

  • Articles from scientific journals
  • Books, Encyclopedias, and Thesis
  • Websites, Newspapers, Magazines, Federal Agency Publications and Streaming Media
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Conferences, Data, Patents, Software, Standards and Technical Reports

Another excellent resource is the University of Wisconsin, Madison Library's ACS Style Guide

And if you have an obscure source and aren't sure how to cite it, you may want to consult the ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information

I have a Journal Abbreviation & I don't Know what it is (CASSI Online Search)

Use this online index to:

  • Look up journal abbreviations by title
  • Look up journal titles by abbreviation

The American Chemical Society Guide to Scholarly Communication

The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication is an excellent online resource for information on communicating in a scientific environment and conventions within the American Chemical Society specifically. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Ethics in Scientific Publication
  • Intellectual Property - Copyright and Permissions
  • Open Access
  • Chemistry Preprints
  • Effective Poster Presentations and Slide Presentations
  • Best Practices for Writing about your research
  • Selecting a journal in which to publish, organizing your research, and the peer review process
  • Scientific Style conventions for using and displaying figures, graphs, multimedia, tables, data, etc.
  • Numbers and units of measure
  • Chemical structures and chemical compound nomenclature

See Section 4.3 for information on citation styles, reference formatting, etc.

See Section 6.1 for the ACS Inclusivity Style Guide