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Race, Technology, and Justice


This page contains both short and long videos by many of the author's and thinkers featured in this guide. Hear them speak on their topics and see how they wrestle with the ideas in real time.

Anti-Blackness &Technology: Safiya Umoja Noble, Ruha Benjamin, Andre’ Brock, and Charlton McIlwain UCSB Center for Black Studies Research

Ruha Benjamin: Which Humans? Innovation, Equity, and Imagination in Human-Centered Design. CHI2021 Keynote

Ruha Benjamin: Race to the Future? Reimagining the Default Settings of Technology & Society AAAS 2021 Plenary

Algorithms of Oppression Video

Joy Buolamwini: Keynote: The Coded Gaze Stanford HAI 2019 Fall Conference -