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Disinformation Debunking Station

Disinfo Squad

Disinfo SquadThe Disinfo Squad is a group of Boise State University undergraduate and graduate students who have been trained as information literacy reference, educators, and social media influencers as part of a grant funded by the Department of Homeland Security Targeted Violence and Terrorism Grant program. Our project is listed under Promising Practices 2021. 

Our objectives:

  • Strengthen our information literacy skills to act as information literacy reference, educators, and influencers through an 8-week online course and weekly lab meetings.
  • Review and update the Disinfo Debunking Station website. 
  • Facilitate a virtual Escape Room game on campus and in public libraries
  • Produce digital media content related to media literacy best practices 
  • Plan and produce programming
  • Conduct research on topics related to aspects of disinformation as a tool for radicalization
  • Document and disseminate research

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Social Media Materials by the Disinfo Squad

These blogs, reels, and graphics suitable for social media were created by the members of the Disinfo Squad. They are available to use under a Creative Commons license, CC-NC.  Contact for more information.

Lateral Reading

Lateral Reading, blog post by Moesha

Lateral Reading: The Skill Professional Fact Checkers Live By, blog post by Alexis

Fact Checking, Facebook post by Rachel

Fact Checking, reel by Preston

Lateral Reading: Your Feed is Probably Manipulating You. What Can You Do?, blog post by Rachel

Using Wikipedia Wisely

Wikipedia and Lateral Reading, Instagram series by Rey

Wikipedia quiz, reel by Rey

Using Wikipedia Wisely, Instagram series by Preston

Wikipedia & Fact Checking, Facebook post by Rachel


Algorithms Facebook posts by Moesha

Algorithms Instagram post 1 by Alexis

Algorithms Instagram post 2 by Alexis

Difficult Conversations

This infographic was created by Disinfo Squad 2022 member, Valeryn . A downloadable version of this infographic is available at under Student Mentored Works - Disinfo Squad.



Cognitive Biases

Cognitive Biases Facebook posts by Moesha

Media Biases Instagram posts by Alexis

Cognitive Biases Instagram posts by Rey

Cognitive Biases Instagram posts by Preston

Cognitive Biases blog post by Rachel

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theory Instagram series by Moesha

Conspiracy theory Instagram series by Alexis

Conspiracy theory reel by Rey

Conspiracy theory Facebook posts by Rachel


Radicalization posts by Moesha

Radicalization posts by Alexis

Radicalization posts by Rey