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Disinformation Debunking Station

The Disinfo Squad

Val Shepherd, a member of the Disinfo Squad

The Disinfo Squad is a group of Boise State University undergraduate and graduate students who have been trained as information literacy reference, educators, and social media influencers as part of a grant funded by the Department of Homeland Security Targeted Violence and Terrorism Grant program. Our project is listed under Promising Practices 2021. 

Learn more about the Homeland Security grant program that funded the Disinfo Squad, the connection between domestic terrorism and disinformation, and the research behind the Disinfo Squad's training with the recently published peer reviewed article, An Unlikely Partnership in a Media Literacy Effort. More information about the Disinfo Squad and related projects can also be found on Boise State Public Radio's Morning Edition, Here's How a Boise State Disinfo Squad Is Pushing Back Against a Pack of Lies

Social Media Materials by the Disinfo Squad

Difficult Conversations: This infographic was created by Disinfo Squad 2022 member, Valeryn . A downloadable version of this infographic is available at under Student Mentored Works - Disinfo Squad.

Find other social media posts by the Disinfo Squad on Albertsons Library's Facebook and Instagram accounts using the hashtag #DisinfoSquad

Podcast: The Disinfo Squad also produced a limited series podcast, Disinformed, investigating disinformation through history on Spotify.