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ME 477/577 - Biomaterials

Finding information related to biomaterials.


Welcome to the ME 477/577 guide covering library resources that help you find information on biomaterials. Below you will find information on the Library's Articles and Databases. The left navigation will lead you to additional resources that you might find helpful for this assignment.

Article Databases

Periodical Articles and Conference Papers
New developments and current research are often first presented as conference papers and/or periodical articles. The following are indexes, abstracts or full-text repositories which access this literature and cover aspects of biomaterials. For tips on searching for article reviews, click on the info icon (in some browsers, this will display a more link).

Additional Article Databases

To access additional article databases, or to access these through the Library's main article databases page:

  • Go to the Library's home page,,
  • Click the Articles and Databases tab,
  • Click on the first letter of the article database name (B for BIOSIS),
  • Click on the article database name.